Sunday, 18 May 2014

Alta California

I have only been to Mexico once. It was when my family and I were on a road trip around California, Arizona and Nevada and we crossed the boarder for a little bit. I was about six at the time and US boarder authorities thought my mum was attempting to smuggle Mexican children and nearly didn't let me cross the boarder, but that's another story. I would love to go back and explore the country properly.

I found these vintage Levis with embroidered patches when I was looking for some brocade trousers on etsy (a plan that went out the window when I saw these). While I really love traditional Mexican clothing I find the mix between US and Mexican styles really interesting.

I love the embroidery in designs and colours with a very Mexican feel on a garment so iconic and intrinsically linked to the USA. I've read a lot about the changing demographics of the USA, and I find the growing influence of the Hispanic community and its impact on the culture and politics of the US really intriguing. (If you are interested, there's an interesting programme about the Republican Party which covers the changing voter demographics here, and a programme about migrants attempting to reach the US and work to reunite the bodies of those who didn't make it with their families here).

I put together an outfit thinking about the influences of US style on Mexico and vice versa, particularly in places like Southern California and Arizona. I used another North American icon (and California resident) to really try and show the contrast and mix. The only shame is that as I'm a little on the short side I have to cuff the jeans which obscures a little of the patches.

These jeans, or a version to reflect any kind of mix or style I think would be a pretty easy DIY, either using different fabrics and prints, or embroidering your own design if you have the talent. I think that a pair of jeans using some traditional Chinese fabrics and designs might look really cool.   

Topshop multi-strand necklace / Vintage Mickey Mouse sweatshirt / Vintage Levis jeans / Nike Pegasus trainers

Some cool Asos patchwork boyfriend fit jeans available here

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