Monday, 12 May 2014

The Wedding Dress

I recently went to see the Wedding Dresses 1775- 2014 exhibit and the Victoria and Albert Museum. I know that people spend a long, long, long time deciding on their wedding gown, because obviously it's something that you hope you will have the chance to do just once.

Although I though the older dresses were interesting (I learned that white dresses were not actually always de rigueur and that they really took off in popularity after Queen Victoria wore white to her wedding), I though the modern section of the exhibit was the most fascinating. This is partly because I just don't do old. I actually have a degree in history, but I focused almost exclusively on modern history, especially the 20th century. I know that ancient and pre-20th century history can be really fascinating but it just isn't what I'm drawn to. 

The other reason that I really liked the modern dresses was that there was a huge amount of diversity in the styles, fabrics and even colours. There were some fantastically diverse designs on display, and they explanations of what was envisaged by the designer of the dress, or what was requested by the bride were interesting. I was curious to see how different women had chosen to express themselves on a day, probably above all days, that they know all eyes will be on them. (Plus, the amount of celebrity wedding dresses on show allowed for some grade A fan girl-ing).

The exhibition is open until March 2015 in case you want to have a look.

Dresses on display as part of the V&A museum
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I'm not getting married any time soon, however the exhibition was so beautiful that I couldn't help but think about wedding dresses, not really with myself in mind, but more in terms of 'wouldn't a  bride look absolutely amazing in that'. I also recently watched 27 dresses, so that might have influenced things a little bit.

I really like the idea of wearing vintage. My mum wore a vintage silk crepe 1940s floral tea dress to her wedding so maybe that is where the idea comes from. I'm not super traditional so I don't really feel compelled to stick only to white. I look at it more as your wedding is a chance to wear something that you could never wear normally, and maybe to spend that little bit more on it than you would a normal dress. I think it would also be nice to wear something you could wear again (I know not everyone would agree). My mum used to wear her wedding dress, and I then wore it when I was at university. My mum always said that she liked wearing the dress because it reminded her of her wedding day, which was a fun day. Plus, it seems a shame to only wear once possibly one of the most beautiful dresses you will ever own.

Something a little different to walk down the aisle in. Someone marry me?

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