Sunday, 4 May 2014

Flamingos, Dior Addict

The other day I was stood on the tube opposite a poster advertising a Caribbean cruise, or holiday, or something. Anyway, the picture featured the flamingos of Aruba. (It also told you that the flamingo’s ‘knee’ that looks like it bends the know way is actually its ankle, which was kind of interesting.)

Back to topic; tropical beaches look pretty darn appealing when you are squished into an overcrowded train carriage and your short stature means you are nicely about armpit height for all the sweaty commuters grasping the over head rails. What looked especially nice were the pink flamingos against the blue sea and pale yellow sand.

I had a long time to ponder this advert (7 stops). The colour scheme looked really cool; bold and pale pinks, bright blue and pale yellow (with some black accents here and there) is not something I would have ever though of. As I wriggled my way off the train and on to the platform I saw the same colour scheme in an advert for Dior Addict on the back page of another commuter's magazine. I had liked the Dior ad for a while, but I’d not picked up on how awesome the colour palette was until now. 


I have no idea what Dior Addict actually smells like (I’m not big on perfumes), so while it might be argued that the ad hasn’t technically been all that successful I have watched the full cut several times on Youtube, so that’s something. Aside from the fun colour palette, the Dior ad has a nice playful 60s vibe; think Bridgette Bardot in Canne being her coquettish, adorable self.

Photos and video from House of Dior 

I came home and rifled through my wardrobe to try and find some bits and pieces to make up an outfit. I wanted to look a bit 60s French woman if possible (this is the case most of the time), but the colours were the most important thing to replicate.

Vintage Valentino blazer / Topshop v neck jumper / A J Morgan cats eye sunglasses / Vintage fuzzy skirt / Asos White leather bag / Asos ankle boots

Whistles leather motorcycle jacket / Topshop leather tshirt / Asos White leather bag / Vintage Givenchy skirt / Topshop studded flats

Vintage felt hat / Topshop faux fur jacket with knit sleeves / Gap tshirt / Vintage bag / Topshop jeans / Zara suede wedges

Topshop fuzzy bomber jacket / Topshop paper chain necklace / Gap tshirt / Topshop leather pouch bag / Topshop faux wrap skirt / Zara suede wedges

 Topshop fuzzy bomber jacket / Topshop cats eye sunglasses / Topshop ring as necklace pendant / Acne tshirt / Vintage Moschino backpack with vintage scarf tied on / Topshop jeans / Asos bow flats

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