Wednesday, 7 May 2014


It was when Gwen Stefani's shit first went bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S!) that I first remember Harajuku style becoming really popular. There were lots of elements of the style that I liked (clunky shoes, some of the plastic jewellery), though I never really went for the fruits looks full on. 

I saw this scan from FRUiTS magazine on  Sea of Shoes several years later when Harajuku-light was still playing on my mind. 

FRUiTS magazine scan
Image via Sea of Shoes 

After seeing this image I spent ages and ages searching for the perfect military marching band style jacket. This is probably a little harder if you live in the UK compared with the US since we don't really have marching bands, so they're vintage uniforms aren't lying around. This girl had the perfect look; relaxed and cute, but slightly rock and roll.
I finally found an affordable vintage marching band jacket on ebay but when it arrived it didn't fit like this girl's and it was too boxy around the shoulders, so I sold it on. It was a disappointing day. 
I decided that what I actually really like in this picture was the cropped slim fit of slightly off-beam  jacket with the cut offs and a logo tshirt. The military marching band jacket was cool, obviously since Jimi Hendrix wore one, but the essential thing was the fit and that it was a bit quirky, be that military style or not.
I was so beyond thrilled when I found this Moschino Cheap & Chic jacket on ebay. It has the perfect shape that nips in to the wait, but cutting off there instead of darting out again. The bicycle buttons fit in place of the military frogging details and are just a little bit odd but in a good way. (It also has a really awesome lining).

 Vintage Moschino Cheap & Chic jacket / Adieu tshirt / Diesel jeans cut in to shorts / Chloe biker boots

I haven't yet been able to think beyond finally successfully recreating the look I have coveted for so long, but once I get over FINALLY being able to dress like the fruits girl of my dreams I thinking I'll try something like this (facial expression included):

Amber from Clueless 
Image via Retro Chick 

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