Friday, 30 May 2014


Recently I've been really intrigued by photos of Persian and Islamic architecture. The buildings have interesting shapes and arches, and are sometimes covered in tiles in bold and bright colours.

Aniconism in Islam forbids the depiction of sentient beings, so designs in architecture and art are filled by ornate geometric patterns and prints. The patterns are really intricate with a mixture of curved and straight lines creating so many tiny interesting shapes and patterns.

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I particularly love the patterns combined with the vibrant colours in the patterns- bright turquoises, marigold and dusty yellows, rusty oranges. I really wanted to try and take inspiration from the geometric patterns as well as the colours. 

I don't own a lot of geometric prints so I had to play a little fast and loose, but I think I managed to convey the right vibe using the colour combinations some sort of non-stripes, non-realistic floral prints.

 Asos necklace / Topshop Boutique v neck tshirt / Topshop rings / Topshop Boutique skirt with side splits / Zara studded moccasins

Topshop Unique shirt / Topshop bracelets / Zara wool trousers / Pierre Cardin x Gap sandals

Dries Van Noten top / Topshop semi precious stone cuff / Zara trousers / Vintage Prada ostrich leather shoes


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