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Phoebe Lettice, The Spice Girls

I don't watch Made in Chelsea. I watched an episode once and I really didn't get it. Nothing happened, and what did happen I wasn't sure really happened. It was sort of a Esse Est Percipi type of affair where the distinction between reality and the fake was becoming imperceivable. Stupid TV isn't meant to cause an existential crisis. 

However, despite my numerous reservations something of a guilty pleasure about the show is the style of Phoebe-Lettice Thompson (although I don't think she is part of the show anymore). 

A lot of the other girls in MIC have a pretty and polished, but quite safe (and at times verging on boring) style. They look nice, but they don't have a huge amount of personality in the clothes and I don't know, it's not very exciting and a little meh (although pretty). I don't like everything that Phoebe wears, but I like that she seems to have fun with it and goes for something a little different. 

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(I'd recommend having a look at Phoebe's tumblr. She's a photographer come fashion assistant by trade and a lot of her work is pretty cool).

With her nose ring and often pastel or braided hair Phoebe's look usually has a funky edge to it. She often has a tom boy streak to what she's wearing, even when it's a dress or a skirt she'll wear stomp-y, boyish boots or trainers, or a baseball cap. I like the almost garish prints, OTT bling, chunky shoes and high-low mix that she pulls off. She has a good mix of high street, designer and vintage as well as mixing more formal looks with influences from urban street style. 

There is something very 90s about her look- she sort of reminds me of my childhood style icons; The Spice Girls. As a child I loved, and I mean LOVED with a capital L and a romantic weekend away in Paris, The Spice Girls. I owned platform trainers, I did my hair in Emma Bunton style bunches, and my love for weird Tammy Girl tshirt and cargo trouser combos knew no bounds. 

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When I got to about ten I completely rejected anything spice-esq because I was so sick of it and wanted to try something new. Out went The Spice Girls and in came Nirvana (even though I was somewhat late to the Seattle grunge scene); out went the platform trainers and shiny metallic fabrics and in came the corduroy flares and battered converse. Now there is some distance between us (me and 'the girls'), I actually find myself drawn to a lot of their aesthetic. Yes, some of it is extremely tacky, but some of it is really fun and wearable.

I wanted to try and recreate something that was a little 90s and tom boy-ish and fun. I was hoping to create something that was maybe a slightly more refined take on the elements of the Spice Girls' style that I loved as a child by taking some hints from Phoebe's funky look and not wearing my hair in bunches.

 Vintage Versace butterfly print denim jacket / Topshop Boutique draped tshirt dress/ Asos White leather bag / Zara buckle ankle boots

 H&M black and cream jacket / Topshop gold cat necklace / COS tshirt / Topshop Boutique ribbed trousers / Nike Free Run trainers
 Vintage Micky Mouse sweatshirt / Topshop plait necklace / Topshop pleather trousers, Nike high tops

Whistles motorcycle leather jacket / Peter Pilotto x Target long sleeve tshirt / Vintage Levis jeans / Peter Pilotto x Target slip ons

Zara denim shirt / COS side zip ribbed jumper / Vintage Moschino back pack / Vintage Moschino rafia skirt / Nike Pegasus trainers


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